Visit from Ghana

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Joost van Onna and Dr. Wacu at Schiphol

The Turtle 1 is presented to the Dutch audience at the car fare Autosalon 2013. The first edition of the Autosalon is held in the conference center Ahoy in Rotterdam. Specialy for this occasion Dr. Wacu from our partner SMIDO came to join the promotion team of the Turtle 1. For eight days Dr. Wacu was our guest.


Dr. Wacu and Melle Smets at Autosalon

The Autosalon was the perfect place to promote the Turtle 1. A lot of people recognized Dr. Wacu from the Autoweek magazine. We thank the organisation for their dedication and help to make the promotion of the Turtle 1 a success.


Dr. Wacu at the HAN workshop

The aim of the visit from Dr. Wacu is to make a plan for the future. SMIDO wants to build a Turtle 2. To see how we can help to continue the project, we paid a visit to the most famous Automotive university in the Netherlands, the HAN. Lejo Buning gave us a guided tour in the workshops of the HAN University of Applied Sciences.
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Filmcrew from VOX filming the testdrive

On the last day of Dr. Wacu’s visit, the German television program VOX came to do a interview about the Turtle 1. For this occasion we did a off terrain test-drive in the Rotterdam harbor. The item will be broadcasted in january 2014.

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Joost van Onna and Dr. Wacu at the Kinderdijk

Of course we had some time left to do a touristic tour to the Dutch highlights!


Teun Vonk, Bram Esser, Joost van Onna, Melle Smets, Tijs van den Boomen, Cynthia Hataway, Dr. Wacu and Gerrit Esser.

The final evening we gathered the whole group who traveled to Ghana to eat in the restaurant Happy Safari in The Hague. A proper Ghanian meal before leaving the country!